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mPulse Aspire

You can have it all with this sauna.

You want options, an enjoyable experience and every health benefit an infrared sauna offers. An mPulse Smart Sauna is a customizable light therapy system. Choose a clinically-researched program to match your needs as they change and evolve. Enjoy a beautiful, one-person sauna sanctuary with the mPulse Aspire, receiving specific blends of our gentle red/near, mid and far infrared to relax, heal and energize your body so you can do more of what you love, longer.

Product Specification


Width:111 cm

Depth: 106 cm 

Heigth: 199 cm incl. 5 cm feet

Open door depth:  71 cm


Basswood: 220 kg

Eucalyptus: 234 kg

Eucalyptus outside/ Cedar inside : 226 kg


6 FIR, 3 MIR, 3 Rood/NIR


Width: 96 cm

Depth: 91 cm 

Heigth: 181 cm


230V - 2000W - 8.7A

3 m cable exits back left from floor


Width: 96 cm

Depth: 55 cm 

Heigth: 51 cm



Ultra Premium Appearance
Longevity and Durability



Contemporary Aesthetic


Eucalyptus outside

Cedar inside

Noise Reducing
Traditional Cedar Aroma

You determine the wellness experience you want. Everyone has different and changing desires. The control panel empowers all its users to select from six programs created from clinical research to deliver each wavelength at the optimal dosage to help your body with whatever you need each time you use it. It’s a 4 person sauna ideal for today’s needs, and tomorrow’s.

Discover the power of bathing yourself in blended red and near infrared light in a quiet, unintrusive, comfortable experience. Addressing skin concerns, boosting collagen production, combatting inflammation, relieving pain and promoting overall well-being deliver transformative effects. The LED panels are integrated into the walls and smart technology to give you the enhanced synergy of red light therapy and deeper-penetrating near infrared. It's a holistic reset.

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The mPulse Aspire

Everything about this sauna is special. Your needs change; this sauna adapts with you and every user. Modify each experience for whatever wellness benefit and ambiance you desire. Touch the tablet, set your program and music, sit back on the comfortable ergonomic bench and enjoy the gentle heat and Blaupunkt sound system. Our technology design mitigates EMFs to a lower level than most common household items.

The insulating wood around you is beautiful, thick and durable, with corners and seams held together by our tight-sealing magnetic system to contain the warm air. Assembly is easy with our powerful Magne-seal locking method with no unsightly screws or nails. Chromotherapy lighting enhances your home sauna using colors from the sun’s visible light spectrum to bring balance and mental well-being.

It’s the only sauna you’ll ever need to buy.

Be inspired!

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