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mPulse Smart Sauna

Experience a well made, lovingly crafted sauna.

Quality comes from creating with passion, care and attention to details. You’ll see a difference in the level of craftmanship between a cheap, mass produced sauna and a hand-crafted, carefully detailed Sunlighten. It’s the difference between a Timex and a Rolex. The beauty, functionality, durability and timelessness you find only in Sunlighten saunas are the result of our 20-year commitment to quality and continuous development. 



A strong, durable wood historically used for cabinetry and floor work. Our ultra-premium wood option for its consistent color, beautiful grain, contemporary aesthetic, density, durability and strength. A green product that grows quickly with minimal environmental impact. Though known for its distinctive aroma, there is no fragrance in our eucalyptus wood, except possibly the fresh-cut smell of handmade items.



The classic sauna choice for Euca/Cedar interiors, offers natural moisture resistance. Doesn’t expand or contract with temperature changes, so less likely to bend or warp. Sunlighten’s cedar is sourced from Vancouver Island where the grain is dense and has the deepest red color of any Western Red Cedar. Our sauna wood is of the highest quality, beautifully aesthetic. PEFC-certified (comes from a sustainably managed forest).



A beautiful hypoallergenic wood, the preferred choice for sensitivities or allergies. It doesn’t emit fragrances and is completely safe for those with allergies, though a new sauna may smell of fresh-cut wood. Consistent in color containing few knots. A durable hardwood not likely to warp or bend with temperature changes. Perfect for commercial use. Sourced in the U.S. FSC-certified (comes from sustainably managed forest.)

From the Snow to the Sauna

There’s a special spot In the Northwoods boreal forest of North America where the cold wind blows over Lake Superior blanketing the area with 150” of snow every year. Those conditions create the perfect durable wood for saunas, and the folks who care for the land and the trees there are some of the finest people you’ll ever meet. Watch our film to learn more about how we bring you the highest quality basswood in the world.


We’re Involved Every Step of the Way

Sunlighten manufactures our saunas in Vietnam, and we are the ONLY sauna manufacturer in the world that is directly involved in every step of the production process. Every element of a Sunlighten sauna is designed with quality and safety in mind. We don’t believe in shortcuts. We’re constantly working with designers, engineers, and scientists to research and develop cutting-edge products.

Sunlighten is the ONLY sauna manufacturer in the world that is directly involved in every step of production.


Premium Wood Selection

We hand-select and kiln-dry eco-friendly wood. This process takes several weeks. It adds heat and moisture to prevent cracking. Natural wood has many different hues and directions of grain. We match color and grains to ensure each sauna retains its natural beauty.

Quality Framework

We construct our framework with 100% solid, non-toxic wood. That’s why our saunas weigh twice that of our competitors’ saunas. We start with extra-thick tongue-and-groove boards and sand from 10mm to 8mm, better than the industry standard of 8mm sanded to 5mm. Small changes add up to big differences in quality and longevity.


Cut, Assembly & Testing

We precision cut each panel with a CNC (computerized numerical control) machine. At this stage, we assemble each sauna cabin and check it meets our quality craftsmanship standards.


Electrical Install & Testing

We install ETL-certified components including wiring and electronics. Then, we seal the sauna exterior with non-toxic coating and a natural finish.

Final Quality Check

We assemble each sauna one last time to test electrical components and EMF levels. Lastly, we wrap and carefully pack every component in 2-3 mattress-sized boxes and ship to our warehouse in Kansas City.


Quality Tested


Chemical Dynamics testing on the safety of SoloCarbon® heaters.


Apex Environmental Consultants air quality testing for VOCs. 


Third-party testing confirms Sunlighten saunas have virtually no EMFs.

Seamless Design & Easy Assembly

The subtle detail of flush design makes assembly simple, optimizes sauna performance, extends its life and creates a pleasing simple aesthetic. Magne-Seal™, our patented magnetic locking system, eliminates unsightly clips, buckles, and screws. Hidden magnets in the sauna walls snap together, making set-up and take-down quick and easy. It creates a better seal between the walls than traditional fasteners, keeping heat in and cold out. Magne-Seal prevents cracking and warping, allowing wood expansion and contraction. A Sunlighten sauna is a great investment for your health and your wallet.

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