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Sunlighten’s Heating


We innovate infrared for
your well-being.

When you invest in your health, you want to relax, enjoy, feel safe and smart about your decision. If you landed here, you want to know how things work. Infrared heaters may all look alike—a wood-framed black box—but not all infrared heaters are alike. Just like every cup of coffee is not the same, neither are infrared heaters. It’s the science behind the heater that tells the real story.

Sunlighten’s heating technology delivers the highest quantity and quality of infrared available for you to feel better and do more. Here’s how…

Sunlighten’s patented SoloCarbon infrared heating technology defines us. It’s the “sun” in Sunlighten saunas…without the UV, of course.


SoloCarbon Coating


To stimulate health benefits, saunas need a source to emit high concentrations of peak infrared waves—not just heat. (In physics, this quality is “emissivity.”) That’s why Sunlighten worked with chemistry expert Dr. Ronald Lewarchik to develop our patented coating to create a highly emissive surface. This first-of-its-kind heater changed the industry. The result: a unique finish that maximizes the highest quality and quantity of infrared available—SoloCarbon coating. It’s on all our sauna heaters.

Creating the highest quality infrared requires exceptional ingredients.

A lot of love goes into every batch of our SoloCarbon coating (just like an Italian chef takes pride in their secret spaghetti sauce!). We don’t worry about what region of Italy our tomatoes come from, but we do care deeply about the ingredients, and take the time to cook it just right. And, our recipe isn’t a secret. Here’s what’s in our patent #US8737827B2:


Sunlighten owns and oversees our process from design to manufacture to delivery. It begins with careful layer of wiring coated  or protection. We cure each of the 3 layers at 160° C. No other manufacturers go to that length.

The SoloCarbon coating is a black ceramic pigment applied over the substrate. Signature and Amplify have a base of PET. mPulse® 3 in 1® uses a base of flexible Kapton polyimide for temperature control. It’s the stuff NASA uses to keep astronauts and equipment safe in space!1


The really special ingredient in our patented coating is the pièce de résistance: we sprinkle copper chromium to create that unique, near-perfect emissive surface only available with Sunlighten. This unique process makes our heaters 99% emissive, safe and effective.


In mPulse saunas, LED panels give you your own visible red light and near infrared light therapy tool, strategically placed for optimal therapy. Sunlighten used NASA research to develop an LED array of single wavelength Red Light and NIR with minimal variability and undetectable heat and light. A single blue LED light lets you know it’s on.

All this science helps us recreate nature's healing infrared to help your body. Every health benefit available to you is backed

by research and study.


Safe, Comfy Heater Covers Boost IR

Every detail counts, and your ultimate safety and comfort is top of mind for us. All heaters must be covered as a standard safety hazard precaution. Sunlighten goes even further and provides non-toxic, infrared-boosting CELLIANT®-infused fabric as a protective covering on our SoloCarbon heating technology.

Sunlighten's mPulse® Smart Sauna-serie is de enige infraroodsauna op de markt met combinatie Rood/NIR LED-lichten en omvat een anti-verouderingsprogramma dat is ontworpen op basis van deze studie.


Hand-crafted Wood Frame


CELLIANT Infrared Performance Fabric


SoloCarbon coating applied to KAPTON (mPulse) and PET substrate (Signature)


Wiring and Heat Sensors Baked Into Substrate


Copper Chromium Baked Into SoloCarbon Coating and Cured


LED Panels Applied To Deliver Red Light/Near Infrared


3 in 1® +Red Light: All the Health Benefits, One Heater

When you want all the health benefits infrared and red light provide, you need a heater that can manage all of the wavelengths. Red/near, mid and far each interact differently with our bodies, and provide different benefits. To create each one requires different conditions (and a lot of advanced math). It’s impossible to deliver these three peak wavelengths at one time from a single source because each requires a different temperature. That’s why Sunlighten developed a unique technology that combines two heating elements and an LED light panel in one sauna heater.


We want to bring the best, so we can all feel our best! Our patented SoloCarbon coating delivers near-perfect mid and far infrared at precise wavelengths, like dialing in a specific channel on the radio. And, the LED panel gives you your own built-in red light/near infrared light therapy system.


Simply select one of six health programs, sit back and know the warmth you feel is delivering what you need because we’ve done the work. Each program directs the heaters to emit precise combinations of red/near, mid and far wavelengths using 54 data points from 30+ clinical studies of infrared and the body. Programs include detoxification, heart health, muscle recovery, weight loss, immunity and anti-aging.


How is this possible? The quality and intensity of the light waves are related to the temperature of the material (under physics’ Stefan–Boltzmann2 and Wien's laws). The Kapton polyimide1 used by NASA for 50 years in space is a versatile, durable material that withstands extreme heat. It revolutionized our ability to create the right combinations of red/near, mid and far wavelengths to match health benefits.

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