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Low EMF Sauna

Feel safe with our ultra low
EMF saunas.

We know our consumers are concerned about EMF safety, and so are we. If you're looking into infrared saunas, you want to be sure that you find a high-quality design that's safe for you and your family. To put our customers at ease, we brought in the world-renowned EMF research experts, Vitatech Electromagnetics, to test our saunas with the highest tech equipment and standardized testing process to give the most precise results so you can feel comfortable and confident with your purchase.

EMFs are everywhere.

In today’s modern world, EMFs are there when...

…you brush your teeth with your electric toothbrush.
…you blow dry your hair.
…you cook breakfast on the electric stovetop or  toaster.
…you touch the dimmer switch to turn lights on or off.
…you use your cell phone.
…you browse your tablet or sit at your computer.

Modern technology is fueled by electromagnetic energy comprised of electricity and magnetic forces working together. EMFs are the invisible spaces of energy around a household item.  EMFs exist in nature, too. They’re part of the earth’s magnetic field, thunderstorms, even our own bodies. 

Feel confident with Sunlighten’s low EMF infrared saunas.

Understanding EMF Safety Standards

Part of the confusion we all feel about EMFs stems from the fact that despite all the studies done to determine safe levels, the research is inconclusive. Or contradictory. Or communicated in different measurements that don’t give us apples to apples comparisons. With mixed and often conflicting information and no concrete government standards to follow, we are left to try to figure it out for ourselves and find voices we trust.

Third-Party Testing

Vitatech Electromagnetics is the industry leader for the last 25+ years, helping to set the standard for EMF research, testing and safety. EMFs are measured in mG (milliguass) units. Vitatech has set the industry standard as 10mG or less as “ultra-low.” Many items you use every day emit EMFs ranging from your toaster (3 to 70 mG) to your hair dryer (60 to 200 mG) to your blender (200 to 1,200 mG). Vitatech’s testing concluded Sunlighten’s heater panels measure less than 1 mG, with some as low as 0.1 mG, which is almost zero!

Vitatech’s conclusion

What does all this mean? For starters, our saunas are completely safe. Vitatech’s testing concluded Sunlighten heater panels measure 0.5 mG or less, which is an EMF level lower than 95 percent of common household devices. This is the most current validation and scientific certification that you can rest assured your Sunlighten infrared sauna is safe to use. Watch as our team explains complicated EMF safety in a way that is easy to understand and see for yourself how the Vitatech team tests our saunas.

Latest Test Readings (2021)

EMFChart_PromotionalB JPG.jpg

This recent test is just one of many we’ve conducted through the years. Since our beginning, Sunlighten has been committed to the highest standards of safety in our saunas. We’ve studied, learned, tested, and made changes to our products over the last 20 years. And as we learned more about EMF, engaging experts in the process, we ensured that our product design minimized and mitigated EMF levels to the lowest possible. We invest in third party testing companies regularly to measure and validate the safety of our saunas.

The last thing you want to worry about when seeking health and wellness tools is concern over things like EMF, ELF, RFs making them unhealthy. With Sunlighten saunas, you never have to.

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mPulse 3 in 1® Infrared Sauna


Take control of your well-being in Sunlighten’s premier, patented 3 in 1® full spectrum infrared sauna. It’s the world’s first and only sauna that empowers you to customize each wavelength to optimize the specific health benefits you want. All based on extensive clinical research, backed by physicians and health experts.


Signature far-infrared sauna.


For simplicity and superior far infrared, give yourself a Sunlighten Signature home sauna. In your peaceful sanctuary, enjoy a deep cellular detox and support your overall wellness with the push of a button. The Signature offers affordability and our perfected SoloCarbon® heating technology delivering the highest quality and quantity of far infrared heat.


Amplify Full Spectrum sauna


You’ll sweat deep, sweat fast and feel productive in an Amplify full spectrum sauna. You save time plus get the maximum physical benefits of Sunlighten’s proven most-effective full spectrum infrared therapy quicker and in a more intense, hotter heat amplified by halogen heaters at an affordable price.


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